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Uncommon Individuals

360˚ Feedback
We provide off- the- shelf and customised solutions to support any stage of a 360 feedback project. Our range of tools measure and identify strengths and development needs against appropriate competencies, for individual, team and organisational effectiveness.

Career Development
We have a series of tools that will enable assessments to be conducted in this area. Career Profile Inventory is a self scored on-line career interest instrument suitable for employees at all levels of the organisation and provides a complete profile of an employee’s career stage, interests, motivational anchor, job/career path preferences and political style.

Emotional Intelligence
Our Emotional Intelligence assessment tool measures 17 critical competencies, helping you to recognise, understand and manage your interpersonal behaviour and emotions effectively. This web-based tool contains 70 behavioural questions comparing self-perceptions to those of other raters (e.g. participants manager, direct reports, team members or peers).

Executive Coaching
Our Coaching Solution is an interactive relationship that helps people identify and accomplish their personal and professional goals faster than they might otherwise have done on their own. These sessions can be conducted on a one-to-one basis or in a group setting. Our Coaching session includes a detailed analysis and assessment of 22 critical competencies required for senior leadership and effectiveness.

Leadership Assessment
The assessment tools used here are aimed at middle to senior managers and helps focus and enhance overall leadership effectiveness. It assesses 35 critical leadership behaviours in 7 competencies required for effective leadership.

Management Development
These assessments are aimed at supervisory, middle to senior managers and review 20 critical managerial competencies required for effective leadership and management effectiveness.

Personal Development
We offer a range of personal development assessment tools. The majority of them are suitable for non-supervisor or non-management personnel and measure 14 task management, Interpersonal/Team and Communication competencies.

Personality Assessment
Facet5 is a ‘Big 5’ factor personality model which allows understanding into how people differ in their behaviour, motivation, attitudes and aspirations.

We offer a number of ‘Thinking Style’ assessment tools which provide a way of learning about different styles of thinking and understanding and the implications and uses of each element of thinking. Measures cognitive and linguistic preferences and levels of flexibility at work for 26 ‘types’ of thinking dimensions and helps develop strategies for change.

Stress and Health Assessment
StressScan provides a quick yet reliable way to identify the lifestyle, coping and psychosocial factors that help individuals withstand the adverse effects of daily stress and provides targeted information about specific lifestyle and health behaviours